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Naomi Campbell for Vogue Brazil

Queen Naomi has done it once again. This time the supermodel slayed in the April issue of Vogue Brazil… She looks amazing.

Peep Below:

3-Naomi-Campbell-by-Tom-Munro-for-Vogue-Brazil-May-2013 Naomi-Campbell-Vogue-Brazil-May-2013-01 Naomi-Campbell-Vogue-Brazil-May-2013-02 Naomi-Campbell-Vogue-Brazil-May-2013-05 Naomi-Campbell-Vogue-Brazil-May-2013-04 Naomi-Campbell-Vogue-Brazil-May-2013-03 Naomi-Campbell-Vogue-Brazil-May-2013-09 Naomi-Campbell-Vogue-Brazil-May-2013-06 Naomi-Campbell-Vogue-Brazil-May-2013-08 Naomi-Campbell-Vogue-Brazil-May-2013-07 Naomi-Campbell-Vogue-Brazil-May-2013-10

She’s giving me 90’s glamazon, the age of fashion that needs to return!

But Why is she so perfect?!? and look at the legs on this woman.

But I digress,

Want more Naomi? Heres a vintage video that she did in the 1990s where she plays a maid and while her clients are out, she and the other maid and bell boy dress up in fancy clothes, accessories, and jewelry belonging to Naomi’s client. I fell in love with this video when I saw it many years ago, and I’m still in love with it.

Stay Fashionable,



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