Joan Smalls for I-D Magazine– Q&A Issue


Behind her cover wink, Joan Smalls stars in a 12 page shoot for The Q+A Issue. To feed your appetite, i-D online venture behind the scenes of Mikael Jansson and Alastair McKimm’s set and talk UFOs and animal petting with the Puerto Rican beauty.

Check out her Q&A:

What’s the best thing about being alive? Sharing unforgettable moments with the ones you love and seeing the beauty of nature.

What makes you happy? Helping people in any which way possible.


What makes you smile? Playing with and petting animals.

If you could find out the answer to any question in the world – big or small – what would it be and why? I want to know whether UFOs have made contact with us. The Universe is so enormous, there must be more than just us. It would be a very boring Universe if we are the only ones in this vast space. The possibilities are infinite.


Is there one burning question you’ve always wanted to ask the world? Something that bugs you, or you don’t understand? If so what is it and what would you want the answer to be! Why is there so much hatred in the world, discrimination, rape, stealing, hate crimes, violence, etc? There is no need for these behaviors and I don’t understand why it occurs so often. I am not looking for an answer but a solution.


Joan Smalls for I-D Magazine

Source: I-D Online



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