Style Crush

Style Crush– Micah Gianelli

So I’m starting a new section called Style Crush. Its basically men & women who have style that I absolutely love and adore. To start off my Style Crush, I’m going to feature a woman who has the most enviable fashions I have ever seen. I absolutely need want her to be my stylist in life. This woman is like a walking fashion editorial. The way she puts looks together is just AMAZING! Every outfit, is one that I’d definitely rock myself. She mixes edgy, sexy, and easy all together. If I had a ton of money to spend on clothing, I’d wear every outfit she wears…  and that is why I chose to do my first Style Crush feature on the amazing Micah Gianelli.

Micah Gianneli - raww blog - Manning Cartell - Amber Sceats - to

What I am is someone who, from a young age has admired and appreciated fashion. I’m constantly surrounded by it by default. And I love it. As damaging to my bank account, sleeping patterns and mind as it may be, it’s part of who I am. Shopping, styling and blogging – the subject matter remains the same.

I couldn’t describe my love for fashion in any other way.

Micah is a stylist and the creator of RawwBlog (one of my favorite blogs), a place where readers can drool over her amazing wardrobe selections.

Raww is a reflection of some parts of me and the who/what/when/where/why of all the fashion stuff I’m involved in. I document and write about anything fashion related from personal style to labels, events attended, musings, projects, etc.

Check out some of Micah’s most memorable looks:

Black on Black


Micah can rock a full head of hair, a high-top, or no hair at all…

Derby Day @ The Bird Cage 2012


Micah Gianneli - raww blog - Balmain - Amber Sceats - Leather bo

Are you drooling yet? If not…

Check the slideshow for more looks!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


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