Brand Spotlight

Brand Spotlight– Love My Custom

So continuing on my quest to find the coolest & fashionably unique, I stumbled upon this cool accessories brand: Love My Custom.

timthumb.php 4 timthumb.php 2  timthumb.php 5 timthumb.php 3

Its a cool custom made jewelry company featuring cool earrings, rings, necklaces, and bracelets.

Here are a few pieces from Love My Custom collections

Black & Gold Collection

Black & Gold Collection

Black & Gold Collection.jpg 2 Black & Gold Gold Collection

Breakout Fly Collection

Breakout & Fly SS 2012 collection Breakout & Fly SS 2012 collection.jpg 2

Lord of the Rings Collection

Lord of the rings 1 Lord of the rings 2Lord of the rings 3

Love My Creeps Collection

Love My Creeps collection Love My Creeps collection.jpg 2

Summer Tease Collection

Summer Tease collection Summer Tease collection.jpg 3 Summer Tease collection.jpg 2

Check out more custom-made jewelry at Love My Custom!



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