June Ambrose for The Coveteur


“If my shoes could talk I’m pretty sure they would say: ‘I want to dance with somebody; I want to feel the heat with somebody. We are the sole of fashion.’”


June Ambrose needs little introduction as the heart and sole of the fashion styling world; she’s danced with (er, styled) everyone from Jay-Z to P. Diddy—or is it just Diddy now? “I have to admit I was out of my mind in the nineties when I was styling some of today’s most iconic music videos,” Ambrose confessed. “Missy Elliot, Puffy, Busta Rhymes, R. Kelly and Jay-Z were among the brave who gave me creative freedom to do whatever I wanted.”

june_ambrose-63 june-ambrose-for-the-coveteur June_Ambrose-011 june-ambrose-for-the-coveteur-5

Speechless is really the only word to describe our reaction to the rest of Ambrose’s closet. Just when you think you’ve seen it all, you see this. Each piece she pulled had a story behind it. “That’s what makes it more special,” she said. When we spied her selection of sky-high Loubs we couldn’t help but wonder how she (yet alone anyone!) does it: “These are my running shoes,” she joked.

June_Ambrose-019 june-ambrose-for-the-coveteur-13 june-ambrose-for-the-coveteur-11 june-ambrose-for-the-coveteur-9 june-ambrose-for-the-coveteur-8 june-ambrose-for-the-coveteur-6 june-ambrose-for-the-coveteur-3 June_Ambrose-021

I am unbelievably jealous…. that’s all.

Love me some June though!

Photos & Interview  via The Coveteur



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