Rauwolf Spring 2013 Collection

So while i was browsing the internet on my one of my favorite sites; Polyvore. I stumbled upon this great brand Rauwolf NYC.  I fell in love instantly. Designer and founder Kristine Johannes makes evening bags using innovative design and modern materials.

Here are some Spring 2013 pieces

Architecture-Clutch-teal-degrade-spring-green-412x258 $1710.00

Architecture Clutch $1710.00

Constantinople-Clutch-anthracite-silver-412x258 $1855.00

Constantinople Clutch in silver $1855.00

Constantinople-Clutch-seafoam-sunset-412x258 $1855.00

Constantinople Clutch in seafoam sunset $1855.00

“When you place a product in the market and promise uniqueness, it is your responsibility to deliver that. It is the standard to which I hold myself and this company.

—K. Johannes

Emerald-Cut-Gemstone-Clutch-mauve-412x258 $1420.00

Emerald Cut Gemstone Clutch in mauve $1420.00


Faceted Clutch in berry-lipstick $2240.00

Faceted-Clutch-silver-grey-412x258 $2240.00

Faceted Clutch in silver grey $2240.00

Octagon-Cut-Gemstone-Clutch-sunset-412x258 $1855.00

Octagon Cut Gemstone Clutch in sunset $1855.00

Oval-Cut-Gemstone-Clutch-teal-degrade-spring-green-412x258 $1470.00

Oval-Cut-Gemstone-Clutch in spring green $1470.00

Shalimar-Clutch-desert-rose-degrade-gold-412x258 $2290.00

Shalimar-Clutch in desert gold $2290.00

Shalimar-Clutch-teal-degrade-spring-green-412x258 $2290.00

Shalimar Clutch in spring green $2290.00

Sputnik-Clutch-sea-degrade-grigio-sabiato-412x258 $2240.00

Sputnik Clutch in Sabiato $2240.00

What do you think?

Pre-order your clutch here



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